Table of Contents

1 Steeven

  1. Zooming and panning can be assigned to the buttons of the stylus. This configuration is useful for keyboardless tablets, where you cannot use keyboard for navigating the canvas.
  2. In the usecase above the color selector is used in the docker mostly, not in the pop-up palette.
  3. General workflow: square brush for sketch, then lower transparency, then more precise strokes.
  4. When working on a keyboardless tablet, switching Erase/Over mode is not much convenient due to too small erase button. Extra keyboard solves the problem.
  5. [wish] Virtual stylus tip to be able to switch the eraser/brush.
  6. [wish] Be able to create detached toolbars. Create three identical toolbar objects where the user could put the actions and place on the screen.
  7. Undo action button can be put on the toolbar. Useful for keyboardless tablet setup, when Ctrl+Z is inaccessible.
  8. Weighted Smoothing is usually activated on inking stage.
  9. Shift+<mouse drag> brush size gesture is not used. Instead the painter assigns the wheel of the extra keyboard to brush size shortcuts.
  10. [wish] Shortcuts for changing line smoothing options. Clicking on the Tool Options docker takes too much time.
  11. [wish] Shift and Ctrl modifiers for selection tools instead of weird shortcuts for switching "modes" (Add, Subtract, Intersect).
  12. [wish] Tool options do not save their configuration when Krita is restarted. That means they should be reconfigured every time.
  13. [wish] Set Mirror Axes shortcut and set mirror position button in the Multibrush Tool have different meaning.
  14. [!wish!] Isolate Layer function can be enhanced by adding Isolate Layer Mode. The user just switches layers and the currently selected one becomes isolated, without leaving the mode. That might be useful for inspecting the contents of individual layers.
  15. [!wish!] Isolate Layer and Isolate Mode should have a shortcut!
  16. [bug] Filter dialog shows up in suboptimal size, so one always needs to resize it manually to see at least anything.
  17. [bug] Painting on a mask in isolater mode still causes updates, which, ideally, should not happen!
  18. [wish] On-canvas preview of a mask.
  19. [bug] Transform Tool corner handle are too small when working with high-resolution screens like Cintiq Companion.
  20. [bug] ZoomIn/ZoomOut shortcuts work differently, when the Filter Dialog and Filter Mask Dialogs are open. Thought they should work the same way.
  21. [wish] Overview docker should have zoom and pan functionality. Preferrably, with the same mouse shortcuts as on the canvas.
  22. [wish] The set of images opened in Reference Image docker should be saved into .kra or kritarc, so the user could ge the same images after restart of Krita.

2 Timothee

  1. [bug] Crash when changing some settings in the Preferences dialog
  2. [wish] Shortcut for GMic filter dialog
  3. Experiment Brush can be used for creating shadows in the image. Two layers are created: shadows go to the one with Overlay composition mode, highlights — to the one with Addition mode.
  4. [wish] Allow chinging the opacity of the layer right in the list with the layer in the layer box. A slider might help.
  5. Group Layers in Krita have a major advantage. If the layer has Inherit Alpha activated and is put into a group layer, then the lines are limited to already colored pixels. More than that, to the colored pixels of the same group! So this is quite a good separation of the image.
  6. [wish] Vector Layers should also have Inherit Alpha feature.

3 Wolthera

  1. Mirror View action can also be moved into the Toolbar when working with keyboardless tablet.
  2. Polygon Tool for coloring(?!) It was explained that the lines should be quite straight when filling areas.
  3. Color Picker can be assigned to the right button of the stylus. That allows doing very easy mixing of colors when doing coloring of the sketch. Probably, shortcuts should also be part of the Workspace concept? Then there might be different workspaces for sketching, coloring and finishing.
  4. [wish] Switching Filter Preview checkbox on and off recalculates the filter, which is slow. We might just switch the devices which would be much faster. Hint: implement undo/redo inside a single stroke.
  5. Watercolors Effect: transparent brush + mean removal filter + layer in overlay.
  6. [bug] Snap to Grid doesn't work
  7. [!wish!] Perspectine Grid cannot snap to vanishing points.
  8. [bug] Perspective tool sometimes breaks (mathematically) when moving secong piece.
  9. [wish] Sliders precision: Shift -> increments slowly, Ctrl -> integral values.
  10. [wish] Assistants do not snap to angles
  11. [!bug!] Create clone layer of a layer with masks, scale image, clone layer is updated wringly and shows a piece in a wrong position. Until the next update.
  12. [bug] Assistants are not transformed on any transformation
  13. [!bug!] Hide mirror guides when not moving them! They prevent an artists from seeing the image.

4 Alltogether

  1. Extended functionality for selection masks: 1.1 Select several masks -> the total area becomes selected 1.2 Apply Overlap/Subtract/Add on them and convert to a new mask
  2. [!bug!] Mirror Axes hangles can be moved out of the displayable view.
  3. [wish] Grid Tool options should configure grid
  4. [wish] In a Perspective Grid assistant one cannot mose the whole side with two handles. Instead it created a new grid, which is not always what is needed.

Author: Dmitry Kazakov <dmitry@BIGHOSTLIN>

Date: 2014-05-26 11:20:11 MSK

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